Increased capacity

Increased capacity for implementing responsible business conduct and compliance with current and upcoming regulations

Better understanding

Better understanding of Responsible Sourcing and your role in it in three key sectors of the EU’s Green Deal: automotive, electric and electronic equipment, and renewable energy

Stable conditions

Lasting and stable sectoral framework conditions of RS for competitive and future-oriented EU markets

Major RE-SOURCING outcomes are tailored to achieve the following impacts:

Established roadmaps

Established three EU sector roadmaps for wider adoption to create effective RS framework conditions that will carry future competitiveness and commitment of key European players

Vibrant community

Built a vibrant and active community, consisting of ambitious and future-oriented businesses, policymakers and international experts with the commitment to implement RE-SOURCING best practices and inspire future RS initiatives

Trained leaders

Trained leaders in business, politics and civil society on what is required from them in order to achieve Responsible Sourcing

Level playing field

Created a level playing field of RS on the global level by promoting RS principles in global agendas and international initiatives across 3 world regions (SSA, Asia, LA)

Purpose and objectives at Project end:

Widely used

The RE-SOURCING Platform is a well-known and widely used hub for information provision, networking and knowledge exchange among key stakeholders

Accelerated uptake

Substantially expanded the knowledge base on effective RS practices (RE-SOURCING FS Cases), which will accelerate uptake and support the mainstreaming of RS in business practices

Improved perception

Contributed to an improved perception and shift of attitudes among key business players, consultants and industry initiatives, as well as public policy that RS provides a competitive advantage and has acquired a deeper understanding of its practical implementation

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement No. 869276

Coordinated by:

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business,
  • Institute for Managing Sustainability
  • Welthandelsplatz 1A
  • 1020 Vienna
  • email: info@re-sourcing.eu