Project Outputs

The state of play report (D4.2) for the mobility sector covers the value chain of the key component of the electric mobility, the lithium-ion battery. Focusing on mining of resources, production of battery cells and their recycling at the end, it looks into the responsible sourcing of the key materials lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite, the key issues of the production of electrodes and their assembly to a battery cell and the various technologies of recycling of batteries and thereby shedding light on the involved stakeholders, initiatives and standards. The aim of the report is to determine topics the RE-SOURCING project needs to address in its roadmap for the mobility sector.
This briefing document explains the narrative behind the first annual conference of the RE-SOURCING Project: ‘Drivers of Responsible Sourcing- Common Ground, Collective Action, Lasting Change’ (18-19 January 2021). In this document, the project team shares its understanding of the drivers impacting the implementation of Responsible Sourcing(RS) approaches and the role played by the main actors; to better understand the path RS approaches need to converge on and chart for the future, in a bid to achieve a level playing field across mineral value chains, from extraction to end-of-life product management.
The state of play report (D4.1) for the renewable energy sector is a stock taking of the supply chain for the renewable energy technologies wind & solar power. It focuses on the following supply chain stages: mining and processing of copper, rare earth elements, and quartz;manufacturing of wind turbines and solar PV, and their collection and treatment. The aim of the report is to determine topics the RE-SOURCING project needs to address in its roadmap for the renewable energy sector.
As responsible sourcing (RS) requirements increase for businesses in mineral and metals supply chains, this first RE-SOURCING Briefing Document considers four stages of business engagement with RS practices and outlines why RS is going to be a key factor for firms to maintain and expand their operations. This Briefing Document summarizes the findings from the “State-of-Play – The International Responsible Sourcing Agenda” Report.
This report provides an overview of the current state of responsible sourcing practices related to the extraction of minerals and their processing. It outlines the challenges that have been identified in the economic, social and environmental spheres and analysis how current RS approaches are attempting to address these.

The RE-SOURCING Common Approach

Project Report

April 2020

The inception report “The RE-SOURCING Common Approach” describes the project approach to responsible sourcing, project priorities & activities, stakeholder engagement and outlines the project scope and topical areas.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement No. 869276

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