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Major studies & knowledge repositeries on responsible sourcing

Given the width and depth of material and knowledge available on responsible sourcing practices in the mineral value chain, this section provides links to relevant studies and material for stakeholders.
This is not a comprehensive list and more material may be available. The RE-SOURCING Project team does not endorse these studies and these are listed for gudiance only.


A Horizon 2020 research & innovation program

Developed a voluntary certification scheme for waste treatment. Specifically, the project created, validated and launched the scheme for collection, transport and treatment facilities of key types of waste containing significant amounts of valuable and critical raw materials such as waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and batteries.

EU-Latin America Partnership on Raw Materials

An EU Funded Project

EU-Latin America Partnership on Raw Materials project partners are the EU Member states and Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. The project aims to move one step further towards integrating strategic industrial value chains for both regions, exploring new business models and delivering value for society, while keeping high environmental and social standards at the core of this partnership. This project brings together multiple stakeholders along the raw materials value chain, from the EU and Latin America, to deliver on a green and climate-neutral economy.

Material Insights


Material Profiles Dataset

New Exploration Technologies (NEXT) Project

The project develops new geomodels and novel sensitive exploration technologies which together are fast, cost-effective, environmentally safe and potentially socially accepted. The project is built on three pillars of technological advances: (1) Mineral systems modeling, (2) exploration methods and approaches as well as (3) data processing and data integration tools

Resource Impact Dashboard

A EU Funded Project

The Resource Impact Dashboard enables stakeholders to monitor the effects of resource extraction on local development at the mine site level – based on data from household surveys, public sources, and from mining companies

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