AHK Business Center

AHK Business Center, locally known as "CAMCHAL", will bring in expertise from the "Competence Centre for Mining and Mineral Resources" and the Chilean-German network Eco Mining Concepts. AHK Business Center will provide its network in the Latin-American mining industry to share and promote the project findings and discuss them with the interested regional actors. AHK Chile will be in charge of the organisation of the Global Advocacy Workshop (Latin America)



People working with Re-sourcing from AHK Business Center:


Iris Wunderlich

AHK Chile (German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Senior Project Manager Energy, Mining & Sustainability


Christoph Meyer

AHK Chile

Senior Project Manager Energy, Mining & Sustainability


How to reach AHK Business Center

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement No. 869276

Coordinated by:

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business,
  • Institute for Managing Sustainability
  • Welthandelsplatz 1A
  • 1020 Vienna
  • email: info@re-sourcing.eu