Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains

Flagship Lab for the Renewable Energy Sector


Day 1


The Flagship Lab is a workshop to discuss and learn from good practice cases in the renewable energy sector. We will tackle issues such as an holistic approach to sustainability policies both from a company and a policy perspective in mining, responsible sourcing of silicon metal in the solar PV industry, as well as good practice in the recycling of solar panels from a PV manufacturer’s perspective. The Flagship Lab’s aim is to enable peers to learn and benefit from already exisiting activites to promote sustainability in their own operations.

Case Studies

Chile’s Mining Policy Case Study

Juan Carlos Jobet Eluchans, Bi-Minister of Energy & Mining, Chile, shares his country’s experiences and approach with the Re-SOURCING Project in designing a consultation process for Chile’s National Mining Policy 2050.

First Solar Case Study

Andreas Wade, the Global Sustainability Director at First Solar, discusses the Circularity Pre-Requisites for Terawatt Scale Photovoltaics at a peer learning event held by the Re-SOURCING Project.

TfS Case Study

Together for Sustainability Initiative’s Jakob Smets shares insights in designing a supplier sustainability audit for the chemical industry, with lessons for other industrial clusters in this presentation, hosted by the Re-SOURCING Project.

From 02:00 PM CEST
to 05:00 PM CEST