Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains

Webinar Series: “Digital Product Passports – data silos or data spaces?”


The growing demand for clean energy has led to a surge in demand for minerals and components essential to modern technology and renewable energy. However, this increased demand also highlights the need to ensure transparency across larger and more complex value chains. Achieving transparency throughout the value chain is critical to meeting EU regulations, enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and assessing a product’s life cycle. To achieve this, one promising solution is the use of digital product passports, which can provide a verifiable record of a product’s manufacturing, transportation, and environmental impact. Despite their potential benefits, however, digital product passports have yet to gain widespread adoption on a global scale. To explore whether these digital product passports truly promote circularity in the flow of tangible goods or simply serve as another opaque data repository, the RE-SOURCING project invites international resource management and sustainability experts to a digital webinar and networking event on 24 May via ZOOM.

Join the dialogue, where we take a deep dive into
• Already existing approaches to digital product passports, such as the Global Battery Alliance’s Battery Passport and the EU funded CIRPASS project, presented by our experts.
• Questions of interoperability between different approaches.
• Which sectors could benefit from digital product passports and how to successfully implement them.

Meet our Experts:
🔹André Martinuzzi, Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability at the Vienna University of Business and Economics, Project Coordinator of the RE-SOURCING Project and seasoned expert in Sustainability Management

🔹Inga Petersen, Executive Director at the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) and seasoned international affairs and sustainability professional with over twelve years of experience in natural resource management, governance and transparency.

🔹Mark Hoff, European Head of ESG and Finance Sector Lead at SLR Consulting and Advisor at the CIRPASS Digital Product Passport Project, responsible for Sustainability Transformation (

Moderated by:
🔹 Svetlana Ivanova, Research Associate and Foresight Expert specialized in Responsible Innovation and Global Governance

Here you can find the recording of the webinar:

From 03:30 PM CEST
to 05:00 PM CEST