Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains

Webinar Series: “Innovations for Responsible Supply Chains”


While governments worldwide are introducing new policies to promote responsible value chains, there are already pioneering businesses taking the lead in developing more responsible supply chains through innovative approaches. These forward-thinking companies are driving positive change while simultaneously gaining significant benefits for their own enterprises. The RE-SOURCING project has invited international experts from companies at the forefront of responsible value chain innovation to share their approaches to achievable and beneficial responsible value chains at a free webinar and networking event on 22nd June via ZOOM.

Join the dialogue where we take a deep dive into:

· Financial instruments – How GREINER AG launched a green bond
· Circular Economy – How Schoeller-Bleckmann closes material cycles
· Business Cases – How responsibility pays off

Meet our Experts:

🔹Andreas Böcskör, Group General Counsel, ESG & Sustainability Strategy Lead at Schoeller-Bleckmann, experienced expert in managing ESG optimisation and circular economy projects in various supply chains, and founder and CEO of two deeptech companies in the LegalTech and GreenTech sectors

🔹Sabine Schellander, CO-Head of Sustainability at GREINER AG, an expert in sustainability management, has extensive experience in ESG and CSR issues as well as in communication and consulting on sustainability issues.

🔹Mariana Kovacic-Lukic, Research Associate at the Institute for Managing Sustainability at the Vienna University of Business and Economics and Member of the RE-SOURCING Project.

Moderated by:
🔹 Svetlana Ivanova, Research Associate and Foresight Expert specialized in Responsible Innovation and Global Governance

Here you can find the recording of the webinar:

From 03:30 PM CEST
to 05:00 PM CEST