Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains



Oeko-Institut (OEKO) is an independent, non-profit research association. It can draw on its extensive background in the fields of responsible mining & sourcing, raw-material supply of the EU downstream sectors, resource efficiency and critical material issues. Besides an SME due diligence support system related to minerals and metals and a focus on 3TG, it also has deep insights and various projects dealing with the automotive supply chain, especially lithium-ion batteries. In the latter, OEKO has a focus on the mining of critical raw materials, cell production and especially recycling.


People working with Re-sourcing from OEKO-INSTITUT E.V.:

Stefanie Degreif

Öko-Institut e.V.
Deputy Head of Division Resources & Transport

Johannes Betz

Öko-Institut e.V.
Researcher, Division Resources & Transport