Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains

EEE Sector

The Roadmap 2050 and the Good Practice Guidance for the Electronics Sector are finalised and accessible for all interested actors!

Together, the Roadmap 2050 and the Good Practice Guidance for the Electronics Sector, provide concrete recommendations and practices for policy makersindustry and civil society to implement and achieve Responsible Sourcing.

You can also download the presentation above here.

The Roadmap is based on the State of Play report for Electronics, which emphasises various impacts and challenges in the resource extraction of tin, tungsten, tantalum, gold and mica.

The following three main areas identified and addressed in the Roadmap in Electronics are:

The Roadmap and Guidance document on Electronics Sector address issues such as significant environmental impacts, human rights violations, lack of commitment to fair wages and workers rights, as well as conflicts with local populations and give a clear idea which steps need to be taken to mitigate their effects.

Both reports are developed through a co-creative and consultative multi-stakeholder process. The results have been co-designed at the Electronics Roadmap Workshop for a brainstorming with external actors and the Flagship Labs (Responsible Mica Initiative, Fairphone’s Longevity ScoreConflict Mineral Regulation, Electronics Watch) respectively and discussed with the project team, project’s Platform Steering Committee and Advisory Board.

In addition, the Roadmap development was based on consultations with webinars and interviews with experts from different stakeholder groups and regions. This led to the identification of necessary points of actions and the establishment of recommendations.

In the working process from State of Play to the Roadmap, the Flagship Lab and the Good Practice Guidance Document provided input for good practices in policy making and industry.