Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains

Mobility Sector

Responsible procurement of minerals by using a strong standard

Rebecca Burton (IRMA) and Claudia Becker (BMW) share insights into why IRMA is a strong standard and how purchasing companies can join and change the impacts by adjusting supplier contracts

Overarching regulation for a circular economy that covers the entire product value chain and focuses on sustainability

Cesar Santos (European Commission) presents how the Regulation was developed, sharing the benefits and insights into the strategic choices, challenges and success factors.

How to implement a circular economy for batteries

Olivier Groux (Kyburz) shares his experiences and insights in the entire take-back scheme, reuse and recycling process with strategic choices as well as challenges and success factors.

Chinese standards: What can they achieve and where do they fail?

Masuma Farooki (MineHutte) discusses what Chinese standards for mining and recycling look like and how they align with other guidelines from around the world