Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains

Renewable Energy Sector

Consultative process for national mining policy  

Juan Carlos Jobet Eluchans, Bi-Minister of Energy & Mining, Chile, shares his country’s experiences and approach with the Re-SOURCING Project in designing a consultation process for Chile’s National Mining Policy 2050. 

Effective collection & treatment for EOI PV modules 

Andreas Wade, the Global Sustainability Director at First Solar, discusses the Circularity Pre-Requisites for Terawatt Scale Photovoltaics at a peer learning event held by the Re-SOURCING Project. 

Supplier Auditing for Responsible Sourcing 

Together for Sustainability Initiative’s Jakob Smets shares insights in designing a supplier sustainability audit for the chemical industry, with lessons for other industrial clusters in this presentation, hosted by the Re-SOURCING Project.