Advancing responsible sourcing
in mineral value chains

26 October 2023 Uncategorised

The Re-Sourcing Project Is Featured on CORDIS


As part of the ‘Innovative solutions for sustainable raw materials extraction’ results pack, the RE-SOURCING project was featured for its work to promote responsible sourcing along global mineral value chains.

Read the interview with our project coordinator Alexander Graf to find out more about how a multi-stakeholder platform works, what the main challenges have been, how responsible sourcing has evolved over the course of the project, and to get an apt summary of the project’s work over the past three years in more than six languages.

Find the article here:

Also featured in the results pack is our partner project SUMEX, which, among other things, has created a digital repository that makes a wide range of European best practices in the mining sector, handbooks and guidelines available to the public in a clear and easily navigable form. Be sure to check them out.